Apoorva Ruparel - CCO


Apoorva has 15 + years of experience in the Consulting, IT, Telecommunication and Networking industry at various levels with multinational organizations like Accenture, Nortel Networks, Juniper Networks and iGate. Apoorva has been a passionate & Successful entrepreneur in his recent past, with 3 successful start-ups under his belt, in mobility, social media, clean technologies and IOT space. He has angel invested in multiple start-ups and has booked incredible returns, via helping these start-ups grow from a Seed Investment stage, to exits and larger Private Equity rounds. Apoorva, currently resides in Dubai and has founded a Boutique Consulting organization providing Strategy, Consulting and Fund Advisory services to Growth Organizations, PEs and Entrepreneurs, across healthcare, education and Tech Sectors. He aspires to be at the CORE of the funding infrastructure in Dubai and dreams of seeing UAE as one of the fastest growing Start-Up hubs in the near future.

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