Sajid Azmi - CTO

CTO, head of Ecommerce at Geant & Geant Online

Mohamed Sajid Azmi is an IT Guru and former CTO, head of Ecommerce & digital marketing at Geant & Geant Online. Currently Co-Founder and Board Member of MyMedicNow & CEO of Yegertek, a technology company focussing on Customer Joureny Digital Transformation for Organization. Responsible for complete Information Technology operations, devising strategy for all brands - Geant, Geant Online, Gulfmart and eCommerce P&L for UAE and other geographies. A seasoned IT Professional with a focus on top and bottom line performances, Mohammed is a keen analyst in handling market forecasting and formulating strategies, and has been a key force in creating innovative solutions for Geant. With more than 18 years of experience to his credit, Sajid has served across varied domains including Retail Fashion, Retail Hypermarket/E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Insurance, Logistics and Digital Marketing. Knowledgeable and well-versed with IT and computer systems, Sajid has been passionate about distilling insights into actionable plans and drive business growth utilizing analytical tools and approaches. Working across several brands, Demonstrated acumen and expertise as an IT Project Manager with RED TAG (BMA International) and also had an opportunity to serve as a Project Manager at Patni Computer Systems in Pune. Proficient in planning, directing and maintaining efficient IT operations; Served as a team leader with Nomura Holdings India Pvt Ltd (Lehman Brothers India) and as a Project Manager with Infosys Technologies Limited. Adept at decision making and meticulous with all projects and tasks, have made a mark with each of his roles, positively impacting every business he’s been associated with

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