Herve Collignon - CDO/CIO

Global Design Lead at IBM Europe Middle-East and Africa and for PGT Healthcare at Procter&Gamble

Partner Shared-CDO/CIO (Chief Design Officer/Chief Innovation Officer)

General background on career: Hervé is a seasoned expert in Innovation and Design Thinking methodology, with almost 30 years of experience in multinational and the creative industry in the US and in France. He helps organisations embrace design approach as a strategic and innovation tool and worked with clients like Bulgari, Edwards Lifesciences, Tarkett, Kellogg’s and Etihad Cargo, to name a few. He facilitates Design Thinking workshops for companies that want to bring human centred innovation into their process. Before moving to the UAE, Hervé was a professor at EM Lyon Business School from 2013 -2014. He is now a Business Catalyst at HULT University for BA, MBA and e-MBA. Educated in design at Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel in Paris, Hervé also holds the IBM Global Sales School Diploma, a Marketing Certificate (Manchester Chartered Institute of Marketing) and a Design Thinking Certificate from d-School (in Stanford).

Specialization: FMCG, IT Industry, Healthcare.

Chief Design Officer/Chief Innovation Officer Style: Herve brings methodology and process to create meaningful and sustainable Customer Experience. He helps businesses deliver on their innovation objectives with a Human-Centric approach called Design Thinking. Because of his education in Design and his experience both in the creative industry and international corporations, Herve has a deep understanding of how to leverage Design as a strategic tool in all industry sectors.

Languages: French and English

Experience and keys competencies: Expert in Design Thinking to create human centered innovation, solid experience in building long term Brand Strategy, sharing with startups as much as with students or CEO his passion for Design as a Strategy.

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