Olivier Gilson - CTO

Former CTO Cyber Creative LLC

After gaining my Degree in Management from University of Louvain I spent 3 years in marketing and international Sales in Paris. Back in Belgium I decided to launch my own venture; "Green Attitude", a unique internet ordering platform allowing companies and their employees to order fresh lunches every day. In the meantime we have opened 3 restaurants "Green Kitchen" offering daily menu freshly prepared in our farm with lots of love. in 2014, after having sold my different businesses I decided to relocate to Hong-Kong and launch The Artist Craft Brewer, an innovative concept built around craft beer, a flagship concept store (with an hydroponic farm), co-working space targeting the Asian market. With an entrepreneurial DNA, I have built and exited the above mentioned successful businesses and relentlessly strive to make every project and business vision come true. At The Artist, my key focus have been on the concepts development, marketing, online sales, social media and business development. My creativity and disruptive vision has allowed The Artist to achieve a unique product positioning in a competitive market. Thanks to unique product features and customer experiences, we target untapped sales channels (online, events, Pop-ups, retail) whilst competitors fight in the very same channel: On trade/Off trade. Today I have the ambition to help likeminded individuals launch unique projects. My Aspiration is to bring to life, projects with a story full of authenticity, strong brand visibility, disruptive content coupled with unique consumer experiences to connect with the right target audience.

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