Hussain Fakhruddin - CTO

Former CTO and head of tech

I, Hussain Fakhruddin, am an innovative techpreneur with 13 years of solid experience in guiding the business through integrated software development and digital transformation, R&D, Product development, Engineering & Quality control, and the Delivery and Maintenance of avant-garde technological platforms. I am a well-conditioned engineer shaping technological strategy, technical design and implementation of solutions including E-Commerce, CRM and SaaS based applications. I have directed a well chosen team engineers and multiple squads of Backend and Frontend Developers, Designers, Quality Assurance and Devops personnel. I have the innate ability to scale bandwidth to underpin paradigm shifts in agile and fast-paced environments, collaborating with teams by identifying, innovating and formulating business solutions, building and supporting the best possible solutions for users within the time and budget scope, thereby redefining business methodology. I have helped steer the technical infrastructure and architecture of the company’s platform and multiple client apps, creating breakthrough positions in the marketplace. Results driven, challenging the status quo by generating sophisticated decisions and adopting unmatched technology and frameworks, I lead to successful outcomes.

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