Franck Rouquet

CEO Stock Omani and former COO Carrefour market UAE

My name is Franck Rouquet. I am currently CEO of STOKOMANI (Textile & Bazar destock and Bargain products. 3 000 employees, 102 stores in France for 613 M€ Sales in 2018). Retail Professional management executive with 25 years’ experience in France and international in groups as Auchan, Carrefour or Orchestra I am able to develop an important expertise in the animation and development of retail networks (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and specialized distribution). During my entire experience, I held positions with operational responsibilities as well as Purchasing / Marketing in a national but also international context. My entrepreneurial qualities have allowed me to create, develop and manage a network of 50 Carrefour supermarkets in the Middle East, but also to increase the Textile and Childcare business of Orchestra Prémaman in France and internationally (700 stores in the world)

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